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disappearance of clouds and fogs, at loss and the termination of rainfall, at emergence of thunder-storms the reason always needs to be looked for in atmospheric circulation. Where atmospheric circulation weakens, becomes imperceptible, any changes and in a condition of weather stop.

As a result of the conducted researches in Northeast Priokhotye some archaeological monuments of the Neolithic era were revealed. The earliest monument of seaside type of the period of the late Neolithic it is possible to call the Ust-Palansky complex (the middle of II thousand, BC). The archaeological collection of the Ust-Palansky complex is presented by stone tools.

Position of Kamchatka in the east of Eurasia for which considerable termobarichesky contrasts are characteristic, vigorous cyclonic activity, reorganization and change of the general direction of meridional components of atmospheric circulation, causes difficult and changeable weather here.

Stone and birch woods. The stone birch or Ehrman's birch is the main wood of the Kamchatka woods. It is widespread on extensive spaces of a middle part of east coast, on slopes of mountains in the Central Kamchatka lowland. On plains, in valleys of the rivers, in the lower part of hillsides birch forests form the park woods.

The purpose of our work - consideration of recreational potential of one of the extensive, both with geographical, and from the cultural and historical point of view of object, the peninsula of Kamchatka. The main objectives of our research are definition of these or those positive and negative sides to some extent influencing development of tourism in this territory, and also detection of the features inherent in the peninsula of Kamchatka which can draw attention of potential investors and tourists, and further positively to affect development of the tourist industry in this region.

Soft sea climate with a large amount of rainfall, ashfalls, soils in floodplains of the rivers – all this creates favorable conditions for rapid growth of grassy vegetation. Even cultural plants are higher here, than in a midland.

Lakes are various according to the physical characteristics: to an origin of lake hollows, height above sea level, on temperature condition and a chemical composition of water. It is various animal and flora of lakes. The combination of these characteristics does many lakes unique. Lakes are subdivided into some types: tectonic, inundated, volcanic, sea, tundra, glacial, in separate group it is possible to allocate lakes of a caldera of the ancient destroyed volcano Uzon. Below we attach the short description of each type.

Thermal sources were curative for people. At some groups of sources resorts are arranged: Paratunka Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Nachiki in the valley of the same name on east slope of the Central Range. But the most part of sources is mastered by amateur balnearies.

Volcanic lakes. Kalderny, kraterny, lava it is possible to call lakes on the origin and separate characteristics unique. The origin of these lakes is closely connected with modern volcanic activity in the territory of Kamchatka. treats a lava zaprudnym one or the other the largest fresh-water lakes of the peninsula - Kronotskoye. This lake waste, follows from it the river Kronotskaya.

The relief, climate, active volcanism and isolation of Kamchatka affected an originality of its flora. The flora of the peninsula is rather poor in types. Here grows 1300 species of vascular plants, some types of mosses and to 400 types of lichens.

Feature of the Kamchatka flora are modern formations of new species of plants and an endemizm (a stone birch, a fir, an aspen, a larch, elder, a mountain ash Kamchatka, among herbs a cow-parsnip sweet, a wormwood bifurcate, an edelweiss Kamchatka). One more feature is to a krupnotravya.

On Kamchatka as we spoke above, only some rather large cities, population also it is rather not great. Despite it the need of inhabitants of this region in spiritual food has less than at other population of our country. Therefore in the territory of the cities of Kamchatka some theaters and the museums are constructed that partially promotes partial satisfaction of cultural needs of the population.