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If freight follows in bulk (in bulk), acceptance at station is made by a car pereveska gross on carriage scales, exceptions of weight of the car which on it is specified, and thus determination of net weight.

* a claim on quality of goods (items 40 — Besides the listed above instructions about acceptance of goods by quantity and on quality, are provided Special terms of delivery of separate types of goods, namely:

In a case when the seller who received the sum of advance payment does not fulfill a duty on transfer of goods in due time (article 45, the buyer has the right to demand transfer of the paid goods or return of the sum of advance payment for the goods which are not given the seller.

In case the representative of the supplier was not, acceptance is made with participation of the representative of the public of the wholesale enterprise from among competent workers which powers are defined by the certificate signed by the director.

The requirements about elimination of shortcomings or about replacement of goods specified in points 1 and 2 of the present article can be shown by the buyer if other does not follow from character of goods or a being of the obligation.

for repayment the unspent and in due time not returned advance payment issued on official journey or transfer to other district, to economic needs if the worker does not challenge the basis and the amount of deduction.

Intermediary activity of wholesale trade for society is economically expedient. The conducted scientific researches showed that the izderzhkoyemkost of storage of commodity stocks in wholesale trade is 3 — 4 times lower, than in retail, and as a result cumulative costs of trade with mediation of wholesale are 1,5 — 2 times lower, than at direct connections of the industry and retail.

In case of essential violation of requirements to quality of goods (detection of ineradicable shortcomings, shortcomings which cannot be eliminated without disproportionate expenses or expenses of time, either come to light repeatedly, or are shown after their elimination again, and others similar a shortcoming the buyer has the right at the choice:

Being the keeper of mass of commodity stocks, wholesale trade makes systematic subsorting of goods of a retail distribution network, providing continuous existence in retail of the wide range of goods.

At a partionny method of the analytical account goods in packing (boxes, piles) are stacked on each party separately. Numbering of party is appropriated by commercial service of the enterprise on the basis of accounts of suppliers with the copies of packing labels (kipny cards) attached to them.

The buyer (recipient) to whom goods of inadequate quality are delivered, has the right to impose to the supplier requirements provided by article 475 of the present Code except for a case when the supplier who received the notification of the buyer of shortcomings of the put goods immediately replaces the put goods with goods of appropriate quality.

In all cases recovery of damages is made by administration after check of the reasons of its education taking into account explanations of responsible persons. The order of compensation of the damage caused to the enterprise is defined by Art. 122 the Labour Code. If the damage does not exceed average monthly earnings of workers, compensation is made by the order of administration made no later than two weeks from the date of detection of damage by deduction from a salary.

The goods accepted by the Buyer have to them be examined within three days, taking into account check of quantity and quality of the mentioned goods, according to the data specified in transport and accompanying documents.

The wholesale enterprises, as a rule, for commission of the operations connected with the railroad or a water transport designate the responsible person — the forwarding agent who has to know acceptance procedures and deliveries of freights by the railroad (water) and bears responsibility for safety of the accepted goods. 6

when the damage is caused by shortage, deliberate destruction or deliberate damage of materials, semi-finished products, products (production), including at their production, and also tools, measuring devices, special clothes and other subjects which are given out by the enterprise, institution, the organization to the worker in use;