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Unfortunately, the name of the sculptor who created a fine decor of the Tsar Bell since time was forgotten. In the XIX century only names of his assistants - masters of pedestal business Vasily Kobelev, Kokhtev, Galkin and Serebryakov were mentioned. Archival materials helped to restore a sulptor name - Fedor Medvedev appeared them.

On a foundry hole wooden designs with a set of blocks and ropes, necessary to raise a bell with a lattice on which it was, and to take out the clay blockhead from him who created an internal form of a bell were restored. So, creation

During almost quatercentenary existence the Tsar Cannon changed the place more than once. It is known that soon after casting and finishing of its surface it was brought to China - the city. Here it defined a place on Red Square about Lobnoye Mesto.

Already then it was clear that the Tsar Bell - unique work of foundry art. It was decorated with relief images and inscriptions. The smart portrait of an imperiatritsa of Anna Ivanovna emphasized that fact that the bell is cast on her command. Reminded images of the tsar Alexey Mikhaylovich that the new bell was poured from more ancient, made in the XVII century during its board. Alexey Mikhaylovich, also as well as an imperiatritsa, is represented to the utmost in smart vestments with the power and a scepter.