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Determination of product cost is carried out on the basis of the data characterizing the most effective and rational use of the available agricultural grounds, fixed assets material and a manpower during the providing normal working conditions, observance of evidence-based system of agriculture and animal husbandry and conditions of protection of surrounding environment.

Rate of a gain shows, on how many than percent the compared level is more or less than a level taken for base of comparison and is calculated as the relation of a pure gain to the absolute level taken for base of comparison.

Indexes in statistics call the indicators characterizing the general change of the difficult phenomena consisting of the elements which are not giving in to direct summation. The index is the relative indicator characterizing change of levels of the social and economic phenomena in time or their ratio in space. Indexes calculate both for separate elements of the difficult phenomenon, and for all difficult phenomenon in general.

Such row which levels characterize change of the relative sizes of the studied phenomena in time is called as a number of dynamics of relative sizes. Such row which levels characterize change of the average sizes of the studied phenomena in time is called as a number of dynamics of average sizes.

The statistics has to provide the correct scoping of gross output and the characteristic of distribution and product sales according to its economic contents and the growing consumer inquiries.

and and b – parameters of a required straight line, i.e. initial level and an annual gain (b – regression coefficient which shows as far as units the productive sign at change will change factorial on 1 unit).

Production prime cost represents the sum of all expenses connected with receiving and transportation of production to a place of its storage. It joins also management expenses the enterprise and the organizations of production in general.

The cumulative product defined as the simple sum of products of various branches interconnected in the course of production, that is with inclusion of the mutual turn occurring between them represents a gross turn.

At calculation of an indicator of average marketability of production on the agricultural enterprise usually do not take into account (do not include neither in commodity, nor in gross output) types of production non-commodity generally (hay, straw, a silo, a green forage, etc.).

To characterize economic efficiency of agricultural production, use a number of indicators. The most significant of them is profitability which in a general view characterizes profitability of work of the enterprise.

Results of all activity of the enterprise are reflected in prime cost: level of productivity of cultures and efficiency of animals, labor productivity, economical expenditure of material resources, extent of specialization and concentration of production, use of achievements of scientific and technical progress. However prime cost does not show how profitability of production changes, and cannot serve as a synthetic indicator of its efficiency.