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The investment project in that its air which is assumed in world practice, represents a complex of the interconnected actions directed on achievement of goals in the conditions of limited financial, temporary and other resources.

Real investment. This risk is connected with an unsuccessful choice of a of object under construction; interruptions in supply of construction materials and equipment; essential increase in prices for investment goods; the choice of the or unfair contractor and other factors detaining commissioning of object of investment or reducing the income (profit) in the course of its operation.

The economic. The risk connected with change of economic factors concerns to him. As investment activity is carried out in the economic sphere, it is most subject to economic risk.

On the basis of the comparative analysis of similar reports becomes possible to create the "standard" report proceeding from the data containing in the reporting of the domestic enterprises of the same name on the basis of criterion of the maximum information value.

Not systematic (or specific). This type of risk is inherent in concrete object of investment or activity of the specific investor. It can be connected with the unqualified management of the company (firm) — object of investment, strengthening of the competition in a separate segment of the investment market; irrational structure of the invested means and other factors which negative consequences considerably can be prevented due to effective management of investment process.

Investments — it not so much investments in the project, how many in the people capable to this project. Investments are preceded by long researches, and they by continuous monitoring of a condition of the enterprise at which initial stages the probability of all possible risks is defined.

The profit and loss report adopted in the international practice and the Report on financial results and their use which is carried out in domestic managing has essential distinctions. Structural fine tuning of the last demands the special procedure of recalculation which is based on a database of primary accounting.

Analysis of technical aspects: research of estimated scale of the project, types of the used processes, materials, the equipment, an object site, the schedule of works, existence of business assets and labor, necessary infrastructure, the offered methods of realization, operation and service of the project, real feasibility of the schedule of the project and stage-by-stage obtaining benefits. Important part of the technical analysis — check of approximate estimates of investments and operational expenses on the project.

The investment project is inseparably linked with such concept as the investment risk since completeness and reliability presented in it is mute information on the enterprise substantially reduces the risk seen to the investor. In a general view the risk is understood as probability of emergence of unforeseen financial losses (decrease in profit, the income, loss of the capital, etc.) in a situation of uncertainty of of investment activity

The bulk of the ideas which are the cornerstone of investment projects is result of research and development, inventions; practically there are no ideas from consumers, the market, competitors. Meanwhile in the western firms more than 50% of ideas are prompted by consumers that sharply reduces risk of failures.

It is necessary to pay attention that all information necessary for drawing up "the report on sources and use of funds" can be received from the previous two reports. And it is not required to almost direct interpretation of "The report on a financial and property condition of the enterprise". Especially as it illustrates the "natural and material" movement of assets while criterion function of the "standard" report on sources and use of funds is concentration of information on the directions of financing for the considered period.

- (SF group): indicators of efficiency of use own (or joint-stock) the capital (shareholder's funds use ratios), uses of own (joint-stock) capital of the enterprises characterizing intensity.