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Product cost is the most important indicator of economic efficiency of agricultural production. In it all parties of economic activity are synthesized, results of use of all production resources accumulate. Its decrease is one of prime and actual tasks of any society, each branch, the enterprise. The sum of profit and level of profitability, a financial condition of the enterprise and its solvency, the amount of contributions to funds of accumulation and consumption, rates of expanded reproduction, level of purchase and retail prices for agricultural production depend on the level of product cost.

Gray forest soils include the following soil differences: dark gray forest soils, gray forest gleevaty soils, gray forest soils. Dark gray forest soils occupy the space of 16724 hectares. They are characterized by quite powerful humic horizon the 35-50th. its komkovato-granular structure on a virgin soil and dark gray coloring.

The analysis of general production and general running costs in prime cost of a unit of production is made taking into account results of their research in general on the enterprise. These expenses are distributed between separate types of the grown-up production in proportion to all factor cost except for purchased materials.

Animal husbandry - the most important branch of a national economy. Development of animal husbandry gives the chance of fuller providing the population with such products as milk and meat which are of biological value.

Milk - on the nutritious value is recognized as the irreplaceable. cow's milk (in %): water, dairy sugar 4,7; fat 3,9; proteins 3,2; mineral substances 0,7; vitamins, enzymes. Milk caloric content in 100g. 289kdzh (69 kcal.)

The wood vegetation is presented deciduous by the aspen and birch and birch woods. From bushes the bird cherry, willows, currant, a dogrose, a guelder-rose, a karagana treelike meet. The grass cover is well developed, rich and various in the specific relation. The woods are often used under pasture and haymakings. The marsh vegetation occupies the insignificant spaces of land use and is scattered across all territory.

Basis of increase in production of production in the conditions of an intensification is increase of efficiency of animals. At the same time it does not exclude possibility of a narashchtvaniye of a livestock of cattle and a prtitsa in those farms where are created rather strong food supply and conditions for fast increase in production of forages. It is expedient to increase herd of animals only when at a full-fledged krmleniye potential opportunities of growth of efficiency of a cash livestock are completely used.

The main rivers is Bax and Shegark. They lay the courses in posttertiary deposits, thanks to it, courses are characterized by big tortuosity. They are fed by ground and atmospheric waters.

Total amount of costs of production can change because of volume of production, its structure, level of variable costs of a unit of production and the sums of constant expenses. At change of volume of production only variable expenses (a price-work salary of production workers, factor material inputs, services), constant expenses (depreciation, a rent, a time salary of workers and administrativnshch-administrative the personnel remain invariable in the short-term period increase (on condition of preservation of former productive enterprise capacity).

Each of these groups can be characterized by the relevant system of indicators. From an environment on results of economic activity types of soils, features of climate, reliefs of a mestost, hydrography and vegetation have the greatest impact.