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In 1884 Mammoths began preparation for its future legal existence. By the first performance of the Private opera it was decided to make "Mermaid". Scenery to it were written by Levitan according to Vasnetsov's sketches. Sketches were done also by Polenov, however scenery were written without exception with young prespektivny artists, such, as, for example, Korovin. Savva Ivanovich was engaged in preparation of troupe, that is vocal and scenic part of the opera, well and, of course, in the orchestral meanwhile. He considered that singers in its new opera as well as decorators, have to be young, yet not spoiled by bad tradition of the state imperial opera, not touched by routine and a careerism as if a rust corroding soul of the actor.

Sirs was still quite young artist by then, but "The girl with peaches" started up a message about it as about a new star in painting, and communication with Mamontov and Savva Ivanovich's protection in many respects predetermined destiny of young talent.