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Of course, in this design is available a lot of unusual from the point of view of the principle of causality in its traditional formulation. So, it appears that the consequence influences the own reason. in it is not present any contradiction. Business is simple that the closed causal chain is the hidden form a of things, namely interactions through a series of intermediate actions. So, a2 a5 on through a3 and a4, and a5 on a1 through a6, a7 and and

Secondly, degree of this impossibility should not be exaggerated. As the proof that is served by modern development of the quantum theory of a field. Usual quantum theories of a field are accepted by the principle of locality according to which interaction is entered only by the fields taken in the same point of space time. However such theories faces a number of difficulties for which overcoming it is necessary to endow the principle of locality. In not local theories interaction of zero in different points of space and time which are divided by a spacelike interval is allowed. Such interaction can be carried out only with superlight. The assumption of superlight leads to violation of the principle of causality, more precisely, requirements of an of causality.

From the point of view of the theory of relativity, there is a correlation between time and causality. As causal the can extend only along time-like lines, isolation of the last (for example, in Gödel's sense) means also a of a causal chain.

Emergence in the general theory of relativity of designs with the closed time it is possible to explain to that the geometrical description of time with which this theory operates, does not consider explicitly topology as the serial relation.

First, if it is also impossible, this impossibility has not logical, but character and is connected with some features of physical structure ­ the world. The assumption superlight does not lead the to any logical. It contradicts the physical principle — the principle of short-range interaction.