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The Spanish conquerors who opened the New World took Mexico in 1519-1521gg. Mexico became the Spanish colony. The most severe colonial mode was set. Mexico turned into the largest supplier of gold and silver to the mother country.

In Mexico the great value was always attached to foreign trade. It is one of the main sources of receiving foreign currency on which the equipment necessary for development of the industry, and raw materials is acquired. Characteristic of a foreign trade turnover throughout a long time was chronic excess of import over export.

The country is rich with minerals: oil, gas, mercury, silver, zinc, lead, uranium and others. Explored reserves of oil make about 9,8 billion tons, natural gas - 1826 billion cubic meters.

There is an inflow to Mexico of the increasing number of oil firms: sets of the small independent companies from the USA, and also several large: Standard Oil of N.J. (through mediation of the Transcontinental company), Standard Oil of Indiana.

Now the attention of the world community is attracted with rapid development of "the new industrial countries" of Asia, Africa and Latin America. I want to cover processes which took place in the paper and occur now in "the new industrial country" of Latin America - Mexico.

However not all Latin American countries were characterized the passed two decades by considerable progress. Despite a community of historical destinies, similarity of social and economic conditions of development of the countries of the region, between them there are considerable distinctions. Except for Cuba building socialism. Nicaragua, carrying out deep progressive transformations, all Latin American countries develop on a capitalist way. From them three countries - Brazil, Mexico and Argentina - considerably surpassed other countries in a level of development of the industry, in a maturity of the capitalist relations. Progressive changes in branch structure of economy of these countries promoted still bigger consolidation of their positions in regional industrial production.

Entering a new phase of the industrial development, Mexico used financial and material support from the developed states, first of all the USA. Thus specialization and cooperation on the basis of gradual integration of economic structures of Mexico with economy of the developed capitalist countries was carried out. These factors left a deep mark on economic development of Mexico, having given it inconsistent character.